Vision & Mission

‘Patidar International school believes that education not only follows but also contributes to the social change. Our goal in school is to educate the child and influence the home. We live out this faith through transforming our belief in school culture that reflects our words. PIS is a school with international outlook focusing on Global Trends and Traditional Indian Values empowering the young learners to become world citizens.’

Major Approach Our school curriculum seeks to develop the links between the early childhood years by creating reciprocal, responsive and happy relationships for the child with people, places and things thus aiding the learning process in the years to come. Empowerment Holistic Development Building Relationships

Minor Approach The Minor approach to learning believes that all children are creative with talents specific to each one of them. The concept stresses that children are very resourceful if they are given the freedom to express themselves freely in all possible ways. Access to resources which provides tactile stimulation is a key feature of this learning process. Children’s minds need to be stimulated on a daily basis to enable them to constantly learn something new.

Children have the potential to express their creativity by drawing, painting, clay work, story-telling, craft or oral expressions. Children need a supportive environment in order to bring out their potential in terms of creativity and resourcefulness.
Interaction and collaboration among teachers, the students and the parents is essential.
The environment provides the stimulation to think and express.