To ensure smooth functioning of day to day events by:
Organizing Special Assemblies as and when required
Compering events, ensuring that public address system is functioningproperly, proper decorum and discipline is maintained by students and thatoverall cleanliness is maintained.
Being present at their designated spots in Assembly Plaza during allassemblies.
Providing proper hospitality and observing correct protocol for guests asand when required.
Being present during Open House and assist faculty in conducting itSmoothly
To carefully monitor the activities of the students by:
Identifying and recommending names of students who show initiative during events and programmes to respective heads
Forwarding names of students they think should get certificates of encouragement from Activity In-charge
To maintain discipline in school by:
Wearing the proper school uniform themselves and checking the uniform of students in the morning
Encouraging students to observe school rules during break and during dispersal.
Ensuring discipline during all events and functions held on campus and outside where students go to represent SBA.