General Guideline For Fee

1.Annual Charges of the ward school be paid along with the Tuition fees of April. Tuition fees of April will not be collected unless the Annual Charge is paid.
2.Fee should be paid in full. Partial payment is not permissible.
3.Payments are acceptable only in cash. Fees are to be paid before 10th of every month. A fine of Rs.10/- will be collected from 11th to 30th / 31st of the months. A fine of Rs.500/- will be imposed after that.
4.The school reserves the right to revise the fee schedule and rules from time to time. All fees including Bus fee are subject to revision.
5.In case of withdrawal from the Bus, one full month’s notice is to be given. Otherwise the full conveyance charges will have to be paid.
6.Fees once paid will not be refundable.
7.Fee can be deposited in advance for any number of months or for the full session, if so desired at the beginning of the term.
8.In case of doubt regarding the payment of any dues, parents / guardians are advised to make the payment first and then clarify the matter.
9.Parents may kindly keep the fee deposit receipts in safe custody and produce them to the school on proof of their payment.
10.Parents are requested to give correct particulars such as Admission Number, Name, Class and Section of the school while depositing the fee.