Parents – Teacher Meeting

Parent Teacher Meeting is indeed a necessity in the present day context as it plays a vital role for overall development of the learner. Co-ordinated efforts of the school and the parents result in greater performance both in scholastic and non-scholastic arenas. Hence, the parents are advised to meet all the subject teachers on every PTM day and make suggestions, remarks / complaints in writing in the “Academic Response Sheet” available with all subject teachers.

S. No. Day Date
1 Saturday 05th July 2014
2 Saturday 09th August 2014
3 Saturday 13th September 2014
4 Saturday 29th November 2014
5 Saturday 31th January 2015
6 Saturday 28th February 2015
7 Saturday 30th March 2015

Parents are advised to:
Use Almanac as a communication link with the school
Attend all PTMs in company with your ward(s)
Meet the Principal / Class Teacher whenever necessary
Take time to attend the school functions
Check the School almanac daily to see the homework and countersign on the space provided
Parents are requested take keen interest in their ward’s study and see that they do their class work / homework daily, bring the books as per the given timetable and submit the notebooks and workbooks in time for correction.
Parents / Guardians are also requested to look into the homework assigned to them daily and counter-sign everyday in the school almanac, wherein the child has written the class work / homework.
Parents are requested not to go directly to the class to meet the teachers
Casual visits to view the school are not allowed during school hours as this could disrupt classroom teaching.
Please contact the school reception for queries regarding fees, transport, uniform etc.
Half day leave will not be granted to any student, unless it is inevitable / emergency.
Visiting Hours:

Principal: 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 noon(With prior appointment) 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 noon(With prior appointment) Monday - Frinday