Welcome to Patidar International School! Located in Ujjain, the school is affiliated to the C.B.S.E at 10+2 level for Science and Commerce streams.
We opened our doors for the first time in April, 1995, and we graduated our first senior class in 1999. The School is composed of an ethnically diverse student population of our country and we find that diversity to be a source of great richness in our students' educational experience.
The school covers 7 acres of campus and features of classroom space. We plan to connect Our classrooms by a media distribution system that supports video and voice communication. The great and unique school campus, where one can find a place to start and finish his/her education without leaving the town. The school has achieved state-level success in virtually every area of school life: Academics, speech and debates, one act play, art and craft, music and dance, and athletics.The school has a sports field, volley ball, basket ball facilities and a separate cricket pitch where regular training is given to the students, as well as a special emphasis on performing arts and literature.
We continuously try to identify ways to improve student learning as measured on the high stakes standardized assessments mandated by the C.B.S.E, and a school-wide effort was implemented. At that time we implemented a new vision that drives our efforts: Focus on the data, Believe all students can learn, Commit to making it happen, and Achieve academic success.
Our faculty and staff have made a commitment to provide high-level academic experiences, career preparation, and character growth opportunities to all of our students.
In addition to our academic success, the students at Sharda International School are proud of their many victories and championships on the athletic field, of our award-winning music program, as well as of the many clubs and community service organizations on our campus. Academic rigor and co-curricular participation make for well-rounded young people ready to become productive members of society. At Sharda, we have students who have accepted the challenge and who are achieving success. We are proud of what we have become, of the role we play in our community, and the way we are helping to shape the future.