WELCOME TO Patidar International School

Patidar International School is a CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) Syllabus based International School for Kindergarten to 12th Grade.
“Change alone is changeless” - Bhagavath Gita
Patidar International School is affiliated to CBSE and was established in 2010 at Umia Hills on Maxi road, 12 kilometers from Ujjain city. The insititute is full of well equiped resources and scientifically designed campus in the lap of nature to provide suitable environment for education.

Patidar International School  follows the CBSE model that espouses the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) System rather than adopting the teacher-centric approach. Our school focuses on individual learning abilities.
The pedagogy is built on proven methods and addresses holistic development of children. Classroom learning brings with it state-of-the-art learning equipment and digital technology aids. Students at PIS are also entrusted with research oriented and practical study, as well.
Our objective is to provide excellent academic studies as we know today’s youth will serve the future of this Nation. We are fully focused on the discipline and values including both moral and ethical values that helps in the positive upbringing of a child.
Our guiding principles make us different from other…
1) School is out in the open, in lap of nature.
2) Projects and practical teaching are at the heart of the curriculum.
3) We make parents as partners in education.
4) Children are always connected.